Miles ERP offers comprehensive solution for transport company's data management and operative control. The software includes many features from different transport industry branches, from which you can take into use the right set of features to boost your business. Miles ERP can also be integrated into other systems to improve and ease your business processes.

Miles ERP makes sure that the personnel resources, vehicles and transits are always just a mouse click away. The software helps you to handle orders, transit planning, rota planning, invoicing, salary calculations and many other crucial functions with certainty. Transits, transit actualization and driver duty related messaging is made easy between the field and the office; the system also eases significantly the co-operation with customers and subcontractors.

For deployment, easy-to-use tools for importing vehicles, personnel and customers from CSV or XML file. Also among others: tracking of drivers' presence for starting shifts, and automatic SMS-message to duty officer if a driver is late from work.


Miles ERP is usable with

  • installed client software on a windows computer or device (additional information)
  • any web browser (part of functionality)

Messaging between the vehicles and the office can also be handled with SMS messages. Windows desktop client includes all of the system's functionality and it can be used with a internet connection from all places; user rights can be granted by person if necessary.

The next slides contain a short summary of the essential features and functionalities of the software.