Transport contract and subcontracting

Transport contract

Transport contract contains versatile possibilities for pricing orders. You can also define additional payments for the contract, such as, fuel cost increase (%), second driver's billed workhours or road tolls. The contract can be used to price orders when connected to a customer, or calculate fees when connected to a subcontractor. The contract price is always net price. When your subcontractor executes a transit, which invoiced customer's (your customer's) transport contract contains quantative additional payments, such as, road tolls, additional quantative payments are billed from your invoiced customer, and automatically accounted to your subcontractor (incl. tax breakdown). Possible percentage based additional payments, such as, fuel cost increases, are billed from your customer. Your subcontractors' transport contract can also include precentage based additional payments (cannot include quantative additional payments). Direct provision for subcontractors is also supported.


Subcontracting can be handled in two different ways. The first option is to enter subcontractors' vehicles into the system and plan the transits to subcontractors vehicles. In this case you need to communicate with the subcontractors about resourcing. The second, and easier option, is integrated subcontracting. In this case you simply just mark a transit as subcontractable and your subcontractor reserves, executes and accounts the actualization automatically into the system without need of work effort into the subcontracting process. For integrated subcontracting, your subcontractor needs to have a Miles ERP licence.

When you connect a subcontractor to a unit, all orders which are to be executed by the unit are automatically sent to your subcontractor. Both yours, and your subcontractor's Miles ERPs work seamlessy together. Customer invoicing and subcontractor accounting (and subcontractor's drivers' salary calculations) are handled completely automatically following the standard company operating procedure. When your subcontractor's driver enters order actualizations (drivers' web-portal), necessary information is relayed into your system for further processing. Integrated subcontracting works seamlessy also in all deviations from standard procedure.