Planning tools

Planning tools are made easy-to-use, clear and graphical, so that you see the required information with a glimpse, and that you can alter the plan quickly and easily. With planning tools you send the shift lists and work orders directly to your drivers' email with a SMS reminder.


Calendar is used to make a daily based resourcing plan for availability, vacations and absences. Calendar clearly displays how personnel is available for work duties. To ease the rota planning process, the calendar displays planned hours, actualized hours and period hours by person and by day. It is also possible to emphasize the calendar entries, for example, when the plan contains daily overtime.

Rota planning

Rota planning is used to select drivers to the the transits excluding vehicle selection. You can perform rota planning before transit planning, or perform the transit planning before rota planning (or just perform transit planning). Planned hours, actualized hours and period hours are displayed, and it is also possible to emphasize, for example, overtime or holidays. In addition, you see the availability of the drivers and the unplanned transits as a clear ensemble. Rota planning can automatically check the limitations for the shifts set by the collective agreement when making the plan.

Transit planning

Transit planning is used to select vehicles to the transits, and also possibly select a driver for the transit on vehicle selection. Capacity requirements and customer requirements (including rough total transport capacity check), vehicle transitions (rough estimate, if addresses are geocoded succesfully), vehicle usability (services), driver usability and collective agreement can be automatically checked and taken into account when making the plan. Web -portal (collective workspace) includes light transit planning usable on phone, tablet, etc.