Worktime tracking, order actualizations, allowances

Miles ERP includes a easy-to-use worktime tracking application, which can be used with smart phone, tablet, or any web-browser (driver presses a button when work type changes). For frame transports, the driver can mark the whole freight as transported with a single procedure, and if necessary, mark some of the freight as delayed. When driver enters order actualization from web-interface, only information that is required for 1) salary calculations, 2) customer invoicing, 3) subcontractor accounting is displayed to the driver. Other information is not displayed. You can also import hour entries using a easy-to-use tool from a CSV- or XML -file if you use other worktime tracking service (or automatically retrieved from the service, for example, wireless tachograph data reading service, or driver card reading service). Worktime tracking material can also be generated automatically based on order actualizations.

You can export worktime tracking data from Miles ERP into CSV -file (excel), or export data manually or automatically to external service.

Drivers enter hour entries (work shift) and possible expenses and order and transit actualization information into the system using a portable computer, tablet or smartphone with a internet connection and a web browser using Miles ERP web-portal service. You can also grant your drivers' the possibility to enter possible daily allowances with work shift information.