Logistic chain and tariff

In centralized order management, corporation handles the orders, and collections, distributions and scheduled frame transports are automatically distributed among companies or units that are part of the logistic chain (possible collection and delivery, and frame transports, are automatically formed based on customer's order). In this scenario your corporation can have a single Miles ERP licence, or each company their own. Tariff based fee can automatically be distributed among the executor units, or internal income distribution is handled using freight contract (depending on the corporate income distribution model). Logistic chain may also contain performance based invoiced orders (contract), for example, collection and distribution, which are in this case billed based on actualization.

End customer can be informed with SMS message that the ordered (or sent) freight has been arrived to be collected from the nearest office (also parcel transport services). Logistic chain can also include companies that use other systems than Miles ERP; in this case orders are distributed manually, for example, in transit planning.

You may also enter freight bills into invoicing, and price 'em according to logistic chain's tariff (also collection/distribution). Different companies' Miles ERP instances can be networked in Partner companies -application.