Transit transmission / Web-portal

Transit transmission (and vehicles' web UI) is used to relay instant orders (regular taxi), and bookings to the vehicle and to the driver. Transit transmission is only for regular taxi. Vehicle state (available/reserved) and GPS information is relayed into the system from vehicle. Vehicle can accept/reject relayed transits. Transit transmission can also perform automatic transit planning (nearest vehicle with smallest capacity). A notification is automatically displayed in vehicle's web UI when there are other planned orders for vehicle, which are found from drivers' web-portal. In this case driver switches to drivers' web-portal to execute these orders.

Miles ERP also includes Drivers' web-portal. Web-portal includes among others, a departure list for driver (phone, tablet etc.). When collective work space setting is set (setting in office), drivers can pick orders to be executed, or inform that there is no time to execute a order.

Drivers' web-portal is much more versatile than transit transmission and vehicles' web UI, and suits for all transport excluding regular taxi (includes similar functionality). Drivers receive all driver duty related information from drivers' web-portal, and office receives all necessary information related to invoicing, subcontractor accounting, and salary calculations.

Vehicle web UI and drivers' web-portal can be used with a browser (phone, tablet, etc.). Both include vehicle position (GPS) from phone or tablet.