Quick start guide, freight

1. Order

Offer request, offer, order, order confirmation (pdf)
Collections and distributions (pdf)
Internal transfer loads (pdf)
Logistic chain (pdf)
Dividing ongoing transit (pdf)
Platform tracking (pdf)
Demountable platform transports (pdf)
Automatic delivery schedule from receiver (pdf)

2. Pricing and invoicing

Pricing and invoicing (pdf)

3. Work shifts

Work shifts (pdf)
Driver's duty (pdf)

4. Salary calculations

No salary calculations (pdf)
Salary calculations, drivers enter worktime (pdf)
Salary calculations, drivers worktime is based on transits (pdf)
Salary calculations, drivers have fixed workhours (pdf)

5. Deviations

Deviations (pdf)

6. Drivers' UI

Freight transports, orders are executed in real time (pdf)

When you are using portal service for drivers, all information related to driver duty can be found from the portal service. Drivers log on to portal service using e.g. phone or a tablet. Portal service also includes a todo orders list, from which the drivers see their transits and can execute planned work.

Delivery confirmation can be sent automatically when transit is finished, or when receiver signs freight bill as received (Control data->Settings). Receiver signs signature either to windows tablet (requires sharp stylus pen) or to driver's device (phone, tablet). When signing on to driver's device, receiver signature is collected on order completion (setting for requiring receiver signature is found in Control data->Settings application). You can download the software for signature collection from deployment page. Driver logs on to tablet with own credentials. Network connection is required. You may have a stationary device in vehicles (phone, tablet) and signatures are collected with another portable windows tablet. You may also use same device to collect signatures which you use in vehicles (phone, tablet).